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Rivals of Ixalan is coming!

Rivals of Ixalan is coming!

Now’s your chance to preorder boxes, bundles, and planeswalker decks from the sequel to Ixalan. Pick a faction to champion and race for the golden spires of Orazca. And while you’re at it why not preregister for one of our Prerelease Events!  We’ve got 5 to choose from including a 2-headed giant event on Sunday, January 14th!

Prerelease Weekend is January 13-14th. 

Rivals of Ixalan releases January 19th!

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Monday 7PM

Tuesday Night Magic

Tuesday 7:30PM

Magic: Commander, and D&D Encounters

Wednesday 7PM

Open Gaming (Story and Board Games)

Thursday 7PM

Friday Night Magic

Friday 7:30PM

Special Events! Check the Calendar for more details!


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the phoenix blog

RIX Release Header
Rivals of Ixalan Release Weekend and League Information

 The golden city has been found, now four factions vie for the prize! Planeswalk into Ixalan and discover its secrets at our Rivals of Ixalan Release Weekend! Rivals of Ixalan Release Weekend Schedule Rivals of Ixalan’s release weekend at Phoenix starts Friday, January 19th with FNM and is followed up by a pair of sealed

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