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Amonkhet Draft Weekend-01
Amonkhet Draft Weekend Information

Did you get a chance to enjoy an Amonkhet prerelease last weekend?  Do you want more?  We've got a rundown of all of our Amonkhet draft weekend events starting this Friday with a special early sealed event!

Friday Events

Amonkhet Landscape Pictures-03

2:30 PM  - Amonkhet Sealed

Entry Fee: $25.99 / Person

Event Cap: 32 Players

Rounds: 4

Prizes: 1 Pack / Round Win!

Description: If you wanted more sealed, here you go! We've got some extra Prerelease Packs and we're running a release event sealed in the same vein as our prerelease events! There's no preregistration necessary, so just show up and be ready to play!

7:30 PM  - Standard Constructed + Amonkhet Draft Friday Night Magic!

Entry Fee: $5 / Person (Standard); $15 / Person (Draft)

Event Cap: 56 Players total

Rounds: 3-4 (Standard); 3 (Draft)

Prizes: 1 Pack / Round Win (Standard); 2 Packs / Player Prize Pool (Draft)

Description: We're continuing to do multiple events for our Friday Night Magic, so we'll be having our Standard Constructed FNM as usual ($5 Entry; 1 pack per round win), but because it's also release weekend we'll be adding in an additional booster draft FNM for those of you craving to draft Amonkhet!  Prizes will be the standard 2 packs per player prize pool that we use at our regular drafting events (each pod of 8 will pay out 6/4/3/3 in Amonkhet boosters).

Saturday Draft Event!

Amonkhet Landscape Pictures-05

4:00 PM  - Amonkhet Draft!

Entry Fee: $15 / Person

Event Cap: 48 Players total

Rounds: 3

Prizes: 2 Packs / Player Prize Pool (Draft)

Description: We're splitting Saturday with International Tabletop Day this year, so we can only offer 1 draft flight. That said, we're going to schedule the draft so that you dedicated drafters can play in earlier events throughout the city and still make it here in time to crack some packs and destroy your opponents with embalmed and exerted creatures!

Amonkhet Draft Weekend Additional Prizes

As a reminder, any of the above events is eligible for a promotional Oracle's Vault.  These will be given out on a first come first served basis and will only go out this weekend. If you want to snag a copy of this cool new card, just participate in any of these events and we'll give you a copy!

Oracles Vault


Author's Note: My apologies for not getting this out sooner. As some of you may have seen from our Facebook page the store was broken into on Friday Night. We've recovered and repaired the damage, but that threw our plans for this weekend for a considerable loop.

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