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Battlebond Release Events!

Battlebond Release Weekend Draft Information

Looking for information on our Battlebond release drafts? Here you go!

Dates / Times:

Friday - 7:00 PM (attendance cap - 16 teams)*
Saturday - 12:00 PM (attendance cap - 12 teams)*
Sunday - 1:00 PM (attendance cap - 12 teams)

As each event does have a cap, please have one partner here early to register for the event! Try to get here a half hour prior to start time to ensure your team has a spot!

Tournament Details:

Entry Fee: $30 / Team (Tax Included)
Draft Packs / Team: 4
Number of Rounds: 3
Prizes: 2 Packs per team per win!

* In addition to the drafted packs, each team will receive a promotional partner pack to use in these events. Supplies of these packs are limited and only guaranteed to the Friday and Saturday events. If we have enough packs leftover to also cover Sunday, we will though!

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