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Beyond the Prerelease – Magic Core 2019

Now that prerelease for Core 2019 is done....what's next? Here's a quick look at the week following, along with our schedule for Core 2019's Draft Weekend and Sealed League.

Release Week Events

Core Site Dividers-06

Tuesday Night Magic - 7 PM - Modern and Dominaria Draft

Come draft Dominaria with us one last time, or bring your favorite Modern deck and sling some cardboard. Prizes for Modern will be store credit for the top 4-8 players based on attendance, and prizes for the booster draft will be pack per win, with a bonus 2 packs for going 3-0 (for a total of 5 prize packs for 3-0).

Friday Night Magic - 7 PM - Standard and Core 2019 Booster Draft

Come Friday Core 2019 will be legal in the Standard format, which makes it the perfect time to try out all those new cards you got at the prerelease (or from one of those boxes you picked up over the weekend). An entry fee of $5 covers up to 4 rounds of pack-per-win play.

Don't play Standard? Don't worry! We've got the first of many drafts of the new core set firing at the same time. A $15 entry covers the draft plus 3 rounds of pack-per-win play, with a single bonus pack for going 3-0. (Please Note: this will be the new standard prize support for drafts going forward.)

Both FNM events will feature the new line-up of promos including Murder, Militia Bugler, and Elvish Rejuvenator.

New FNM Promos-01

Draft Weekend Core 2019

Core Site Dividers-03

Really like drafting?  I mean reeeeaaaallly like drafting?  We've got 3 more drafts lined up this Saturday and Sunday. Cause it's release weekend, each event will have a cap (see below). Show up early to make sure we have spot for you!

Saturday - 11 AM  / 4 PM (Player cap 24)

Sunday - 1 PM (Player cap 24)

Entry fee for each of these will be $15, prizes will be the same as the previous night's FNM (pack-per-win with a single bonus pack for 3-0's).  They'll also come with a participation promo while supplies last of one Desecrated Tomb!


Core 2019 Sealed League

Core Site Dividers-04

Starting Sunday at 11 AM, our Magic Casual Sealed League returns with some changes! League play will run Sundays starting July 15th through August 12th (that's 5 weeks instead of 4).  Stop in during those dates to complete your 12 league games and win prizes! Here's a rundown of all the rules for this season of league:

  • • Starting Pool - 6  Core 2019 boosters
  • • Deck Construction Minimum -  40-card deck
  • • All cards not in your deck are your sideboard
  • • 1 game matches with other league members
  • • One free mulligan per game
  • • Can add 1 new booster week 2, then 1 new booster week 4 (not part of your starting set).**
  • • After 6 losses, you can add a bonus booster to your card pool (1 time per league)**

* Participation prizes awarded after your 5th game and 10th game (present your league card to staff to pick these up!)

** Since we're letting you open all 6 packs up front this time around, all added boosters this time around must be purchased by players if you want them (alternatively you may use your participation prizes as these boosters if you don't want to buy extra packs). New Pack Dates: 7/22, 8/5


Each reported win earns you 4 points. A loss earns 2 points, and a draw earns 3. You can also earn extra attendance points for showing up to the Queer Geek League Days each Sunday with an additional point for attending 4 or more events, up to a max of 5 extra points.


League prizes will be computed and available for pickup approximately 1 week after the league ends. See a store employee to pick up your prizes. Additionally, all attendees will receive a free foil Reliquary Tower while supplies last!


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