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Black Friday + Shop The Hill Weekend!

We've come to the point in the year where the days are short, the nights are cold, and you just wanna curl up with a hot drink and a good book.  Or maybe some friends crowded around a board game!  That's really what the holidays are about. Nonetheless, we here at Phoenix Comics and Games know that a lot of you are looking to stretch your budget this holiday season.  So we're gonna line up a list of sales this week along with some slightly modified hours so that our staff can still have the time they need to be with friends and family during the Thanksgiving weekend!

 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Hours

Unlike loads of the big box stores we won't be open in any way on Thanksgiving.  And as much as we would like to follow REI's lead and not be open on Black Friday....we just can't do that.  But we can close early!  And we are gonna!

So for Friday, November 27th, our hours will be as follows:

Open: 10 AM

Close: 9 PM

As a note to all your Magic Players out there looking for your Friday Night Magic Fix - we will still be doing it, but the FNM will be at 4 PM!  Everything else remains the same (Standard Constructed Format, $4 Entry; Prizes in the form of Store Credit + FNM Promos). We also plan to have our regular hours Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Shop The Hill Weekend Sales!

Shop the Hill 2015

Rather than offer up a few choice items at massive discounts, we're putting on a store-wide sale this weekend from Friday to Sunday! In fact, a lot of other shops up and down Broadway are going to be doing the same thing!  You can find out more about them by clicking the image above!

All Hero-Clix and Dice Masters Products - 30% Off!

All Hard-Cover Collections - 20% Off

RPGs, Board Games, T-Shirts, Action Figures, and Statues & Collectibles - 15% Off

All Soft-Cover Trades and Comics, CCGs, and other Gaming Supplies - 10% Off


So yeah, that's pretty much the entire store at least 10% off for 3 days in a row.  Have fun, please do stop by, and don't forget to hug a family member or friend this weekend! Remember that the Turkey is entirely optional!

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