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Black Friday, Standard Showdown, and More!

So, we have a lot of information to cover in this post, but before we go any further, let's take a second.  Turn to someone around you, tell them something you're grateful to them for.  Doesn't matter how small or silly it seems.  Just do that.  Remember that this weekend and in the coming month simple acts of human kindness are going to be how some of us make it through.

Did you do that?


So here goes the info dump:  This weekend we're running a bunch of sales because A) it's Black Friday, B) it's Shop the Hill Weekend, and C) we want to Thank You, our customers for everything you've done to make this year a successful one for us!  Starting Friday, a different part of the store will be on sale all weekend.  In addition, we have a few Magic tournaments that you'll want to know about if you play Magic!  We'll address each of these as we get to them!

Shop the Hill 2016

Friday, Black Friday

In keeping with the shopping insanity that is supposed to be Black Friday, we're taking 15% Off all of our Comics, Graphic Novels, and T-Shirts!  In addition, we'll be having our regularly scheduled Friday Night Magic at 7:30 PM for those of your who are absolutely done with shopping or dealing with the in-laws.

Friday Night Magic: The format for this week's Friday Night Magic is Standard, and we're doing a special prize format for this particular Friday Night Magic.  Instead of our usual $4 Entry Fee and store credit, we'll be charging $5 and prizes will be in the form of Pack per Win.  So each round you win, you get 1 Standard legal booster as a prize!

Which is good practice, because tomorrow is....

Saturday, Standard Showdown

But before we get into info on Standard Showdown...Discounts! All of our Board Games, Role-Playing Games, and Miniatures are 15% off!

Standard Showdown Information

Date: Saturdays for the next 4 weeks (November 26, December 3, 10, and 17)

Time: 12:00 PM

Cost: $5 per person

Format: Standard Constructed

Prizes: 1 Pack of a Standard Legal set per Round win +  Chances at Standard Showdown Boosers (See below).

Number of Rounds: 3-4 depending on attendance.

What are Standard Showdown Boosters: Standard Showdown boosters contain 3 cards: 1 Premium (foil) card and 2 Rare/Mythic Rare cards from Standard Legal sets.  For more information about what's in one of these boosters, check out Wizard's website on the subject here.  The premium card has a potential for being either a Zendikar Expedition or Kaladesh Masterpiece, so there's nothing to scoff at here!

Sunday, X-Wing Open Play!

To finish out the weekend, we'll be extending the discount on Sunday to Collectible Card Games, including our singles, Statues, and Supplies (card sleeves, comic boxes, binders, dice, etc.).  Everything in those categories will be 15% Off! We'll also have our regular crowd of X-Wing players coming by to play some fun (to watch and participate in) games of Star Wars X-Wing. Open play begins at 1 PM and runs till about 4-5 PM.

Magic Holiday Buy-A-Box Promotion

Has someone special asked you for a box of Kaladesh this Holiday season?  Well pick it up here and we'll have a couple of special booster packs to go along with that box!  Like the aforementioned Standard Showdown boosters, these special packs have 3 cards (2 Rare/Mythics, 1 Foil that has a chance to be a Zendikar Expedition or Kaladesh Masterpiece). Any box purchased in-store between now and December 31st comes with 2 of these!

Cyber-Monday Website Promotion

If you want to pick up anything from our web-store, Monday is the day!  Enter the code CYBERMONDAY on any order placed through our website on Monday and we'll take 15% off any item!  This includes items not normally available in store like a box of Modern Masters 2015 or Eternal Masters, and yes, you can place an order online and pick it up in store!

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