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Black Friday Weekend!

We hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable day of rest yesterday. Heck, we hope you have a lovely and wonderful 4-day weekend! If, during said weekend you decide to stop by the store, here's what we've got planned this weekend.

Black Friday Hours of Operation

This year we plan to stick to regular hours of operation (that's 11 AM - 11 PM). Friday Night Magic is planned and starts at 7 PM, so if you're in the mood to break away from some holiday festivities and draft or break out a standard deck, by all means come on down! We'd be delighted to see you.

Black Friday / Shop the Hill Promotions

Last year we tried something a little different than just straight up discounts. It worked out so well that we've brought it back for a second year! Think of these as a way to reward folks who took the time to come out and pick something up with a little something to help with a future visit to the store.  So we give you, our Holiday Gift Certificates.

How it Works: For every pre-tax $50 you spend in the store, we'll issue you one of these $5 gift certificates. These are usable on just about anything in the store, don't expire, and can be used anytime starting Monday, November 26th!

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