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Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

It was only about a month ago that Dragons of Tarkir blazed it’s way into decks everywhere!  Now it’s time to take the power that Silumgar, Dromoka, Atarka, Kolaghan, and Ojutai offer, incorporate them into your favorite standard brew and test that power out against your fellow players!  Yes, it’s time for…. Dragons of Tarkir

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TableTop Day 2015!

A couple of years ago, Will Wheaton put forth a brilliant idea: in order to promote the playing of more board games he proposed that hobby shops and game stores around the world come together on one day with a single purpose – to play more board games.  This event would become the very first

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Comics, Music, and the Art of Pop

Hi there! I’m Simon Lazarus Vasta, and welcome to the first installment of BAMF*, our new semi-regular look at comics and the culture surrounding them. Enjoy! I hope! It’s easy to forget that Teenagers didn’t use to be a thing. Don’t close the tab yet; I’m going somewhere with this. One hundred years ago, you

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Carol Corps Party for Emerald City Comic Con!

This Sunday, Phoenix Comics and Games would like to invite you to don the colors of Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan and join us for an afternoon of snacks, signings and of course, the Carol Corps!  It’s a party and every one of you are invited! Carol Corps Party Details! Date: Sunday, March 29 Time:

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