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One Year. Still Rising.

Wowza (yup, I really did just use that word).  Feels like only yesterday I was scrambling to make sure that the store’s grand opening went off without a hitch.  Our website was a countdown time and I was feeling every second full of pressure building up.  Thankfully everything came together and with the help of

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Journey Into Nyx Prerelease Schedule

Opposing color gods, the game’s first green-white planeswalker, and over a hundred and fifty more amazing cards await you in the final expansion for Magic: the Gathering’s Theros block: Journey into Nyx.  If you’ve been checking the spoiler sites you know that we’re starting to see cards from the set, which means it’s time to

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Table Top Day 2014

Just about one year ago, Will Wheaton put forth a brilliant idea: in order to promote the playing of more board games he proposed that hobby shops and game stores around the world come together on one day with a single purpose – to play more board games.  This event would become the very first

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Announcing Netrunner Store Championship

As a Runner you’ve hacked your way past every ICE protocol your friends could muster.  As a Corporation you’ve tracked down and fried the brain of any Runner foolish enough to try to touch your agendas.  Now take your Netrunner Gaming experience to the next level! Enter the Netrunner 2014 Store Championship Phoenix Comics is

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Born of the Gods Prerelease Schedule

With previews abounding and hype beginning to build, now seems like the perfect time to put out a rundown of our Born of the Gods Prerelease Schedule.  Our Theros prerelease was a runaway success and we’re hoping to build on that and offer you, our loyal customers, more options for times and a more streamlined

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