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Capitol Hill Events

Halloween Comic Fest 2016 Header
Halloween Comic Fest and Hill-O-Ween 2016!

Attention all you ghouls, goblins, aspiring super-heroes and fanciful woodland creatures!  The nights are long, the air’s extra chilly and it’s time once again for Halloween Comicfest 2016!  What is Halloween Comic Fest? Halloween comicfest is really pretty simple. We like comics. You like comics. And from Noon until we close on Saturday October 29th,

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Every Vote Matters

If you’re seeing this site, or haven’t ever been to my shop, you probably don’t know me. I’m the guy who’s probably rushing around a little frantically all the time there. On the outside I’m your stereotypical white nerd. I own a comic shop. I play D&D, read comics, and play Magic. And don’t even

FCBD 2016 Blog Post-01
May 7th – Free Comic Book Day 2016 Details!

Ahh Free Comic Book Day. A special day, a wonderful day! A day of so many comic books, given away for Free! But here at Phoenix, Free Comic Book Day is more than just a chance to grab oodles of new reading material.  It’s also our anniversary! Free Comic Book Day Details! For those of

ECCC Week Information-01
Emerald City Comic Con Events & More!

Ahhh Emerald City Comic Con. A weekend of events, comics, gaming, and fun! As much as the con has to offer, people always want more, so this year we’re going to give you some!  We’ve got a mix of creator signings, Magic release events and after parties all scheduled between April 6th and 10th.  And