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Damage Control-01
Damage Control and the Consequences of Living in the Marvel Universe

By Simon Lazarus Vasta When Marvel’s The Avengers was released in 2012, it was not only a critical and commercial success; it confirmed what many comics fans had known for ages: you can build a shared cinematic universe, and it can have mass appeal. Suddenly, characters and concepts that had traditionally only appealed to a select few

Halloween Comics Fest 2015
Halloween ComicFest 2015!

Attention all you ghouls, goblins, aspiring super-heroes and fanciful woodland creatures!  The nights are long, the air’s extra chilly and it’s time once again for Halloween Comicfest 2015!  What is Halloween ComicFest? Halloween comicfest is really pretty simple. We like comics. You like comics. We want to give you comics for free on Halloween! Think

Phoenix Anniversary Header-01
Free Comic Book Day 2015 & Phoenix 2-Year Anniversary!

Ahh Free Comic Book Day. A special day, a wonderful day! A day of so many comic books, given away for Free! But here at Phoenix, Free Comic Book Day is more than just a chance to grab oodles of new reading material.  It’s also our anniversary! Free Comic Book Day 2015 Details! For those

So Whats New-01
Comics, Music, and the Art of Pop

Hi there! I’m Simon Lazarus Vasta, and welcome to the first installment of BAMF*, our new semi-regular look at comics and the culture surrounding them. Enjoy! I hope! It’s easy to forget that Teenagers didn’t use to be a thing. Don’t close the tab yet; I’m going somewhere with this. One hundred years ago, you