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Born of the Gods Prerelease Schedule

With previews abounding and hype beginning to build, now seems like the perfect time to put out a rundown of our Born of the Gods Prerelease Schedule.  Our Theros prerelease was a runaway success and we’re hoping to build on that and offer you, our loyal customers, more options for times and a more streamlined

2013 Holiday Hours

Greetings and salutations faithful readers! In keeping with the Holidays this year, we will have some amended holiday hours in the following 2 weeks to give our staff time to sit back and enjoy some time with family and friends!  We here at Phoenix are incredibly grateful for the community and support we’ve gotten in

The Art of the Commander Deck

With the release of Magic’s 2013 Commander Decks now seems like the perfect time to talk about the art of building one.  If you’re not familiar with the format, here’s how Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander as some might call it) works in a nutshell: you choose a legendary creature to represent your commander and

Announcing Magic Command Performance Tournament!

In celebration of the new Commander 2013 decks, we here at Phoenix decided to try something fun and not-often seen in competitive magic – a casual Commander tournament! Commander Tournament Setup Saturday, December 7, at noon, players will be divided into pods of 3-4 players.  The winning player from each pod will advance to the

Secondary Market
The Conundrum of the Secondary Market

Let’s go back, say bout 5-6 years (yup, been planning the store that long).  I was brainstorming and drawing ideological lines in the sand.  Of those ideological lines, there are 3 worth mentioning here. They are: “I will never sell a comic above the list price.” “I will not sell Magic singles.” “I will not