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Core 2019 Release Weekend Info-01
Beyond the Prerelease – Magic Core 2019

Now that prerelease for Core 2019 is done….what’s next? Here’s a quick look at the week following, along with our schedule for Core 2019′s Draft Weekend and Sealed League. Release Week Events Tuesday Night Magic – 7 PM – Modern and Dominaria Draft Come draft Dominaria with us one last time, or bring your favorite

Core 2019 Headers-01
Magic Core 2019 Prerelease Information

This July, discover the origins of Magic’s most nefarious dragon. Learn the story that set Nicol Bolas on the path to rise above his brother and sister Elder Dragons and ignite his spark! Welcome, to Magic Core 2019. Magic Core 2019 Prerelease – July 7-8 If you’re new to doing prerelease events for Magic: the Gathering,

Core 2019 Open House Headers-01
Learn to Play Magic at the Core 2019 Open House!

Have you been looking to learn to play Magic: the Gathering or maybe just need to brush up on the rules?  Stop by Saturday, June 30th for our Magic Core 2019 Open House. Store staff and friendly local players will be on hand to show you how to play, to give a refresher if you haven’t played

Battlebond Facebook Header-02
Battlebond Release Events!

Battlebond Release Weekend Draft Information Looking for information on our Battlebond release drafts? Here you go! Dates / Times: Friday – 7:00 PM (attendance cap – 16 teams)* Saturday – 12:00 PM (attendance cap – 12 teams)* Sunday – 1:00 PM (attendance cap – 12 teams) As each event does have a cap, please have

Battlebond Headers-01
Grab a Partner for Battlebond!

Fans of Two-Headed Giant events rejoice! Battlebond is an exciting new first: a set made with the two-headed giant play style in mind. Wondering what that means? Read on to find out details on Battlebond and what events we have planned for it! Battlebond Preview Weekend Battlebond hits our shelves for sale June 8th, but