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Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Information

This fall we enter the world of Eldraine, a storybook world of castles, knights and faeries. But beware for on Eldraine, not all is as it seems. Join the five courts of the realm on an epic adventure for honor and glory, or venture a darker path into the mysterious Wilds. Which path will you

Mythic Championship Qualifier and 3K

This September, your friends at Phoenix are excited to announce that we’re hosting our first Mythic Championship Qualifier event. Sharpen your mind and bring your top strategies with you. Emerge victories from the event and an invitation to the Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond is yours! Date: September 14, 2019 Player Meeting: 9:45 AM Round 1

Core Set 2020 Changes

With the release of Core Set 2020 comes a number of changes to our weekly events. Read on to find out more!

Core Set 2020 Prerelease Information
Core 2020 Prerelease Information

Magic’s new Core Set 2020 is on the way this July. Get a sneak peak during one of our six prerelease flights, now starting Friday afternoons!

Modern Horizons Prerelease Header
Modern Horizons Prerelease Info!

The dust has barely settled from the War of the Spark and yet already there’s something shiny and new on the horizon. Join us June 8-9 as we draft and sealed our way through a first look at Magic’s first standard skipping set! What is Modern Horizons? As the name implies, Modern Horizons is the