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Card Safety 101
Card Safety 101

“Hello, my name is [Insert Name Here] and I’m calling to report that my collection was recently stolen.  Please be on the lookout for 3 nondescript black ultra pro binders with no identifying marks and a 1000 count card box also with no identifying information.” In the past 2 years of business I’ve heard variations

MM2015 Header-Ready
Modern Masters 2015 Offerings & Schedules

Tarmogoyf. Vendillion Clique. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.  All of these are cards confirmed to be inside packs of the new limited release set coming out May 22. And with a good deal more speculation going on, Modern Masters 2015 has already been the subject of many questions to our staff here at Phoenix. So with

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Dragons of Tarkir Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

There’s something about a new set that just makes people want to come out and play sealed!  So join us this March for a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier that does just that! Editor’s Note: Looking for the prerelease information?  Please go HERE to see what we’ve got available! Date, Time, and Format Information Date: March 28,

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Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease

In Fate Reforged you changed history, now return with us to present day Tarkir and witness the breath of those changes! The Khans are no more. Dragon lords now rule the five clans. And what of Ugin, Sarkhan and Narset?  Join Phoenix Comics and Games for one of our many prerelease events and be among

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Phoenix Comics Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Info!

Do you constantly destroy your opponents at every FNM? Do you seek a larger, more competitive challenge? This February 7th, sharpen your wits and prepare your best Standard deck for Phoenix Comics first ever Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier! Date, Time, and Format Information Date: February 7, 2015 Registration Opens at 10:00 AM Event Starts at 11:00