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Eternal Masters Drafts Are Back!

You read that right.  For a limited time Eternal Masters makes its return to Phoenix, and with more product comes more drafts!  So take some time out of that busy holiday schedule and check out the dates for our Eternal Masters Drafts, or buy a box online or in the shop! Eternal Masters Holiday Draft

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November Preliminary PTQ Information

November Preliminary PTQ Information! All journeys begin with a single step.  In the case of Magic’s Pro Tour, that first step is a Preliminary PTQ. Win this event and you’re qualified for the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. Here are the details on that particular event: Format: Kaladesh Sealed (6 Kaladesh Packs per Player) Date: Saturday November 19,

Kaladesh PPTQ Event Header-01
Magic Kaladesh Release Weekend PPTQ

Kaladesh Release Weekend PPTQ! Can’t make it to the Kaladesh prerelease weekend?  Or maybe you just want to try out Kaladesh Sealed in a more competitive environment, or maybe you want to see if you have what it takes to make into Magic’s Pro Tour.  In any of those cases, it sounds like our Preliminary

Kaladesh Event Header-01
Magic Kaladesh PreRelease

 Planeswalkers of the multiverse!  Whether you hail from green veldt towns or from our great city-centers, this is your time! The Kaladesh Inventor’s Fair invites you, our best and brightest, to share your ingenuity with the world!  This September 24th and 25th, join us in a celebration of artifice and creativity, and invent your future…today!