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December Drafts!

The days have grown short, the nights long. Lights and festive decorations line the hill. And up and down the hill, Magic players wonder, "What will the fine folks at Phoenix be drafting this holiday season?" Read on to find out!

December 1st & 5th Drafts: Iconic Masters at a new price!

Iconic Masters Preview

We've wound up with a lot more Iconic Masters than we'd planned on this holiday season, so we're going to get rid of it the old fashioned way!  We'll be drafting it! We're gonna open up to 32 spots each night at a special low rate for Iconic Masters drafts:

$25 + Tax


Prize support stays the same. 1 Pack per player in Iconic Masters. A pod of 8 will pay out 4 Packs to 1st Place; 2 Packs to 2nd; 1 Pack to 3rd & 4th.

December 8 & 9th Drafts: Unstable!

Unstable Preview

December 8th marks the release of Magic newest and craziest set yet, Unstable. If you've been waiting for a set that lets you do crazy things like stand up and high-five people for life, or conjoin kittens and robots (or ninjas, or hydras, or squirrels), or heck maybe you just want to finally find out what a contraption is and how you assemble it....well this is the set for you!

Unstable promises to be probably the most unique draft experience you have probably gotten to experience this year.  And to kick things off we're going to offer you three draft opportunities opening weekend! Friday, December 8th in place of our usual draft FNM we'll be having an Unstable draft!  Followed up with 2 more drafts Saturday at Noon and 4 PM.

Now a note on the prizes for Unstable drafts - because this set is intended to be a casual and fun set our prize payout will be a strict pack-per-win, with a bonus participation pack to anyone that goes 0-3 (because we know you probably went for the flavor win).

We're not offering preregistration for the Unstable Drafts since this isn't gonna be a limited release set like Iconic Masters.  However we are asking anyone interested in drafting to click the squirrel below and let us know how many of these draft weekend unstable events you plan to attend so that we can have product on-hand for everyone.



Drafts for the Rest of the Year: UNSTABLE BABY!

You read that right. We're gonna say screw competitive drafting and draft unstable until we bleed squirrels. Heck we might even keep that up into January, we're not sure. If you really absolutely have to draft something else, we will keep some Ixalan (or Iconic Masters) handy too, but for the rest of December our default draft set will be Unstable.

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