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Dominaria Open House

Have you been looking to learn to play Magic: the Gathering or maybe just need to brush up on the rules?

Stop by April 14th for our Dominaria Open House. Store staff and friendly local players will be on hand to show you how to play, to give a refresher if you haven't played in a while, and to show off popular ways to play the game here at Phoenix!

Dominaria Open House - Learn to Play

From 12 - 4 PM we'll be throwing open our doors to any who wish to learn the basics of Magic. We'll have free welcome decks available and we'll have staff and friends of the store on hand to teach the game. If you're an experienced player and still want to participate, why not come by with a friend who want to learn?

All participants will receive a special promo card from the upcoming set Dominaria (while supplies last). During this particular open house, we'll also be showcasing 3 different ways to play the game.


One of our most popular ways to play - Standard is a rotating format consisting of the most recent 2 years worth of sets. It's also usually the first type of deck most new players put together. We'll have players on hand to show you what this format looks like, and how to put together your first standard deck.


Pauper is a popular casual format (meaning that we don't host tournaments around it usually). This format uses only common cards, so the decks are really fast and easy to assemble on a budget! We'll also have a couple of players on hand to show you what pauper decks look like, how to play them, and how to build your own pauper deck.

Open Faced Draft

During the Ixalan Open House we offered a beginner friendly open-faced draft and during our Dominaria Open House we plan to offer this again. Unlike the rest of the events, there will be a small entry fee associated with this event to cover the cost of the booster packs. During the draft you'll have an opportunity to discuss your choices openly with the rest of the table and with experienced players. Think about what colors you want to play and make a plan before you make your first pick!



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