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Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

It was only about a month ago that Dragons of Tarkir blazed it's way into decks everywhere!  Now it's time to take the power that Silumgar, Dromoka, Atarka, Kolaghan, and Ojutai offer, incorporate them into your favorite standard brew and test that power out against your fellow players!  Yes, it's time for....

Dragons of Tarkir Game Day!

The When: Saturday, April 18th.

The Time: 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

The Cost: $4.00

Format: Standard (Theros Block, M15, and Khans Block cards are legal for this event); We'll do Swiss style pairings, 3-4 rounds depending on attendance.

The Prizes: In addition to the promos listed below, the entry fee for this event will be paid back to the winners based on the number of people attending! For example, a 16 person Game Day event look like this:

1st Place: $24

2nd Place: $12

3rd Place: $8

4th Place: $8

5th Place: $6

6th Place: $6

Everyone who enters will receive a promotional copy of these guys:


Top 8 Players Receive this foil brute of a dragon:


And of course the winner of Dragons of Tarkir Game Day gets this awesome play-mat!

Sarkhan DTK Champ Play-Mat


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