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Em Name Change FAQ

Hello! I'm Em, previously known as Chris. Hopefully this will answer some of the basic questions. Please keep in mind that I won't have the time or energy to answer further questions in person while I'm at work!

Q: Why the name change?

A: I am transgender and identify as non-binary, so I wanted to have a name that better fits my identity! I chose something that felt fairly gender-neutral, and because I liked the sound of ‘Em’ as a shortened name. Also, I wanted something more unique--there are already so many Chrises in the world as it is!

Q: What do you mean by transgender, or non-binary?

A: That’s a long and complicated question! The short version: transgender means that I don’t identify with the gender that I was assumed to be at birth. Non-binary means that while I’m not male, I am also not transitioning to female, and I consider myself to be neither, or somewhere in between.

The long versions I’m just going to link here. Hopefully these resources help in learning more!  

This is transgender. | This is non-binary.

Q: Why now?

A: I’ve been ‘in transition’ for quite a while now, but changing my name for the general public wasn’t really important to me for that whole time--until it was. It might seem abrupt from the outside, but I’ve been thinking about it for much longer!

Q: So what’s changing?

A: Aside from the name, the most immediate change is that, when talking about me, please use the pronouns they/them/their. Also, please don’t address me with formal terms like ‘man’, ‘dude’, or ‘sir’, as these are primarily attached to a gender that I don’t identify with any more. If you need to get my attention, just use my name!

While I’m at it, just to cover everything: questions regarding my body configuration or medical procedures are not appropriate to ask me, especially not in the all-ages environment of the store.

Q: What if I forget?

A: Honestly, the main thing I want people to remember right now is the name change. It can take a while to get used to--I’m still sometimes using the wrong name when answering the phone! Old habits are hard to break.

The gender pronouns might be a bit harder to get used to, but I'd appreciate any effort made. Please don’t be offended if I correct you!

 Q: So if your name is Ember, and you work at a store called Phoenix….

A:  No, I am not the mascot. :-}

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