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May 7th – Free Comic Book Day 2016 Details!

Ahh Free Comic Book Day. A special day, a wonderful day! A day of so many comic books, given away for Free! But here at Phoenix, Free Comic Book Day is more than just a chance to grab oodles of new reading material.  It's also our anniversary!

Free Comic Book Day Details!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the history of this esteemed event, Free Comic Book Day has been happening since May 4, 2002. Every year on this day comic shops like us across the nation open their doors and welcome hardcore comic fans and doe-eyed new readers alike with the promise of free comics.  For a complete list of comics available, click the image below, or click here.

 Free Comic Book Day Titles!

That's 50 distinct titles that are gonna be sitting on our tables waiting to be taken.  All available from 10 AM when our doors open until 9 PM that night (or whenever we run out of things) you will be able to pick up to 5 different titles from the tables to take home with you free of charge.  If you purchase anything at all, you'll be able to take home another 2 titles!  And we're gonna make it really easy to purchase stuff because almost everything in the store will be on sale!

Free Comic Book Day Sale

This year we're putting a twist on how we put things on sale.  When you come up to the register with your purchase, you'll roll 3d6 and we'll take that much percentage off of your entire order!  Subscribers that's you too!  Want clearance stuff? You get the best of both worlds (that's right, it'll be up to 68% off for clearance comics and graphic novels)!

Creator Signings!

In addition to the sale and the free comics, we've got 3 great creators scheduled to sign copies of their work throughout the day.  First up and available all day is:

10 AM - 6 PM: Brooke Allen, Artist of Lumberjanes


Brooke is one of the many brilliant creative minds behind Lumberjanes, a comic about a butt-kicking group of Scouts for Miss Quinella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumper's CAMP FOR HARDCORE LADY-TYPES who believe in Friendship to the Max! Brooke was recently here for Emerald City Comic Con and liked it so much she came back just for us and Free Comic Book Day!

12:00 - 3:00 PM: G Willow Wilson, Author of Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel


G Willow Wilson is perhaps most well known around these parts for being a great public speaker (seriously if you haven't seen her Ted talk regarding Ms Marvel, go to her blog here and take a look) and writer of the best selling Marvel series Ms Marvel. She's also written the Eisner award winning series Air and Cairo, and her first book Alif the Unseen was a New York Times notable book and winner of the 2013 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Zack Davisson, Translator and Writer at Large

Showa - Zack Davisson


Zack is a writer, translator and scholar of Japanese folklore and ghosts. In addition to his work translating the above pictured Showa: A History of Japan series, Zack has worked on Kitaro, Satoshi Kon's Opus, as well as recent Image comics book Wayward.

So come on out, bring some books to get signed, pick up some free swag and grab something new to read!  We look forward to seeing you and celebrating our 3rd year on Capitol Hill here with you!

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