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Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Each year on the first Saturday in May, your friendly local comic shop (that's us, we hope!) opens its doors and sets out a spread of free comic opulence. We call this day FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and this Saturday, May 6th is that day! So bring yourself, bring your friends and come on out to celebrate with us as we use this day to mark the passing of another year in business!

What's Going On During Free Comic Book Day?

During Free Comic Book Day (or FCBD for short) we offer a selection of comic books for anyone who wants them. This year we've got about 500 pounds of free comics if our UPS driver is to be believed, and we've supplemented that with some leftover books from the previous free comic book day and other local talent that wished to contribute. In addition to this smorgasbord of free comics, we're also pleased to announce that we'll be offering a store-wide sale, creator signings, and a special deal on our back stock comics.

11 AM - 3 PM : Free Comic Book Day Creator Signings

This year we've got 3 creators lined up to talk with, sign, and answer questions about their comics.

G Willow Wilson

FCBD Blog Pics-01G Willow Wilson is the author of several popular comic book series, including one of the store favorites - Ms Marvel. She's also written the Eisner Award-Winning series Air and Cairo, and her first prose book Alif the Unseen was a New York Times notable book and winner of the 2013 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

Kazu Kibuishi

FCBD Blog Pics-03

Kazu is both the artist and author for the graphic novel series Amulet. If you haven't had a chance to read this book yet it's a great book for young and old about a girl who finds a magic amulet in her grandfather's house and is pulled into a secret world of magic, steampunk robots and dark forces seeking to use that magical amulet for their own purposes.

Zack Davisson

FCBD Blog Pics-02

Zack is a writer, translator and scholar of Japanese folklore and ghosts. In addition to his work translating the above pictured Showa: A History of Japan series, Zack has worked on Kitaro, Satoshi Kon's Opus, as well as recent Image comics book Wayward.

Free Comic Book Day Store Sale

Just like last year we're putting everything in the entire store on sale that's subject to the slight whimsy of fate.  When you come up to the register with your purchase, you'll roll 3d6 and we'll take that much percentage off of your entire order!  Subscribers that's you too!  Want clearance stuff? You get the best of both worlds (that's right, it'll be up to 68% off for clearance comics and graphic novels)!

And of course last but certainly not least...

Back Stock Special Deal!

We get a lot of comics throughout the year. Some sell, some don't. Some we get too much of, and some we have thrust upon us by the wonder that is our distribution network. So this year we'll have our back stock and clearance books set up for everyone to look through. We'll have our regular bags available for folks to fill, and for $20, you'll be able to fill one of those bags with as many comics as you can possibly fit inside (providing it doesn't tear).  That's easily 30-40 comics for $20, the perfect thing to add to your Free Comic Book Day swag!


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