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Free RPG Day 2014!

Are you a hardened GM looking for a few new fresh party members for your weekly role playing game night?  Or are you a seasoned player seeking a new party to adventure with?  Do you like free stuff?  I'm pretty sure you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, so why don't you come in and check out what we're doing for Free RPG Day 2014!

What Is Free RPG Day 2014?

Free RPG Day is a chance for the industry to give you, the players and GMs, an opportunity to obtain some really awesome (and FREE) quick start rules and adventure modules.  We'll be giving out everything we have available starting as soon as we open this Saturday, June 21, 2014.  If you want a list of what's coming out for Free RPG Day, check it out here. This is also the perfect opportunity for us to get something started that we've been meaning to for a while now - a way within the store to help players and GMs meet up and connect.

One of the most common questions we get asked about (both Chris and I get this on a daily basis) is "Where can I go to find a GM?"  Well starting Saturday, we'll have a binder available for players and game organizers alike to avail themselves of. If you want, you can even fill out the form here and bring it into the shop.  We'll have a spot waiting for you.

In addition to the LFG Binder and free stuff, we'll be running a bit of a gaming mixer starting at Noon, and 2 demos starting at about 2 PM.  Free munchies and drinks will be made available for those who want to hang out and play, and of course there will be the free stuff too!

So come on out, hang out, mingle and get to know some new players / GMs!  Your next great adventure could begin this Saturday!

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