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Grab a Partner for Battlebond!

Fans of Two-Headed Giant events rejoice! Battlebond is an exciting new first: a set made with the two-headed giant play style in mind. Wondering what that means? Read on to find out details on Battlebond and what events we have planned for it!

Battlebond Preview Weekend

Battlebond hits our shelves for sale June 8th, but we're getting an opportunity to let you experience the set a week early. During the weekend of June 2-3 we'll be hosting 3 Battlebond sealed events!  Details on these are as follows:

- Flight 1 - June 2nd 11 AM - 18 Team Slots Available
- Flight 2 - June 2nd 5 PM - 18 Team Slots Available
- Flight 3 - June 3rd 12 PM - 18 Team Slots Available

You can sign up for these events in advance. Just click the image below to get sent to our online store or click the link here.

Battlebond Headers-02

Battlebond Release Weekend

Can't make it during preview weekend? Don't despair! We'll have multiple release weekend events including a 4-pack Battlebond draft for those of you who want a truly unique experience! Details and registration for release weekend events will be posted Saturday, June 2.

Battlebond  / 2-Headed Giant Sealed Primer

For those of you not familiar with how 2-headed giant works, here's a quick rundown of the rules.

Deck Construction

You and your teammate will open 6 packs of Battlebond boosters together. From there, you'll need to construct 2 decks with a minimum of 40 cards each. As with other sealed and draft events we'll provide you any basic land you might need.

Playing 2-Headed Giant

The Two-Headed Giant format is played similarly to a regular game of magic with a few key exceptions:

  • - Each pair of players shares a 30 point life total.
  • - Partners can share information but not resources such as cards in hand, mana, etc.
  • - Each pair of players takes their turn together (they untapped, attack, block, etc. as a team).


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