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Guilds of Ravnica Draft Weekend Schedule

Guilds of Ravnica arrives at Phoenix October 5th. Here's a list of all of our drafts and information on how you can come out and participate!

Release Day - Friday October 5th

Release weekend really starts on Friday with our FNM.  At 7:00 PM we'll be hosting both a Standard event (featuring a freshly rotating standard format) and our very first Guilds of Ravnica Booster Draft! Entry fees for those of you just joining us are as follows

Standard Constructed - $5 Entry - Pack per Win Prizes*

Booster Draft - $15 Entry - Pack per Win Prizes* (Player cap for this event is 40 players)

*In addition to prizes, players can also pick up one of the new rounds of FNM promos! Quantities of these are limited but we'll be giving them out across the board, not just to players who do well.

Draft Weekend Promo-01

Saturday and Sunday - Guilds of Ravnica Draft Weekend

Love drafting? We've got a whole weekend full of drafts for your enjoyment. Each draft will be $15 to enter and come with the same pack-per-win prize support as our usual FNM drafts. They'll also come with a bonus promo version of Firemind's Research, for all of you crazy-Izzet types who can't stay away from the lightning and card-drawing.

Draft Weekend Promo


11:00 AM - Player Cap 24 Players

4:00 PM - Player Cap 24 Players


1:00 PM - Player Cap 16 Players

Sunday - Guilds of Ravnica League

Looking for a less competitive way to try out Guilds of Ravnica? Why not play in our Sealed League, run with the help of the fine folks at Queer Geek!  We've got some extra prerelease kits that we've allocated for League Play, and a nifty new promo that we're giving out to league participants. For a full rundown of rules and to see who's playing, check out our facebook group for the Magic League of Queer Geek Seattle.

League Promo

League play begins at 12:00 PM Sunday, but you're not required to stick around past start time. You can play league games in store during the meetups each week, or play with friends at home. When you're finished with a league scoresheet, just drop it off in store. You can also win up to 2 prize packs just for playing.

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