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Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Information

Return (again) to the city-plane of intrigues and machinations that is Ravnica! Sinister forces from beyond (namely that big evil dragon Nicol Bolas) conspire for control of the guilds. What will happen? Find out a week early during our Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Weekend!

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease -  September 29-30th

Guilds of Ravnica Dividers-01

If you're new to doing prerelease events for Magic: the Gathering, here's a quick rundown of how we do things and what happens during a prerelease. We've got 4 Flights of  Regular Prerelease Events this time around, plus a Two Headed Giant Prerelease making a return appearance by popular demand (see our FAQ for more details)!

Standards Prerelease Entry Fee (Flights 1-3 & 5) - $30.00*

2-Headed Giant Entry Fee (Flight 4) - $60.00*

*All prices listed include tax.

Based on the turnout for the last several prerelease events we do expect attendance to be high. It's not uncommon for us to sell out, and because of that we urge you to preregister for any and all events that you're interested in attending. In fact, this time around, preregistration is gonna be even more important because you're gonna pick your guilds when you preregister (read on for more details)!

Seeded Packs and Preregistration - What you need to know

With the Re-re-return to Ravnica also comes the return of seeded packs. When you preregister for a prerelease you're going to choose your guild affiliation for that prerelease. This will be reflected in the form of a seeded booster pack that replaces one of your regular boosters in the box. This seeded pack will contain your foil date-stamped promo plus a number of other cards relating to the guild of your choice. In other words, it's a serious jump-start to playing the guild you want to play.

For those playing in the 2-headed giant, there is a google form that you need to fill out once you've preregistered. Make sure to do so or we will choose your guilds for you! This form can be found through the button below.

Prereg Link and Form Link Images-01

The Guilds in Guilds of Ravnica

New to Ravnica? Let's meet the five guilds getting representation in this set.

House Dimir (Blue/Black)

Striking from the shadows the Dimir use their keyword ability Surveil to manipulate their library and graveyard.

Deadly Visit

The Izzet League (Red/Blue)

Izzet mages are famous for their use of instants and sorceries representing their relentless and electrifying pursuit of knowledge. Their keyword ability, Jump-Start, let's them reuse many of those instants and sorceries from the graveyard

Sonic Assault

The Golgari Swarm (Green/Black)

Masters of decay, the Golgari make as much use of the dead as they do the living. Their creatures and spells will have the Undergrowth key-word to measure the number of creatures in graveyards before providing another special effect.

Moodmark Painter

The Boros Legion (Red/White)

A Boros Legionnaire never fights alone. Together they form lines of steel and sorcery that are unbreakable...but they are only as strong as their weakest link. To that end, the Boros have taken to Mentoring their newer recruits. Mentor is a keyword ability that strengthens a fellow creature as they attack together.

Boros Challenger

The Selesnya Conclave (White/Green)

If it's one thing the druids of the Selesnya conclave are good at, it's growing an army of small but determined creatures to swell their ranks. The return of Convoke lets them put these large numbers to good use, tapping creatures to help pay for the cost of a spell.

Rosemane Centaur

If you're now ready to Preregister for our prerelease flights, click the image below or go to our online store. 

Prereg Link and Form Link Images-02

Prerelease Dates and Times

Guilds of Ravnica Dividers-03

We'll keep the number of spots left for each event updated below. We do our best to make sure these numbers are updated on a regular basis, but if you have any questions, please contact us.

Last Updated September 29, 2018 at 2:30 AM.

Saturday September 29

Flight #1: Midnight -  64 0 Slots Available (Please note: This event is sold out!)

Flight #2: 11:00 AM -  64 0 Slots Available (Please note: This event is sold out!)

Flight #3:  5:00 PM - 64 0 Slots Available (Please note: This event is sold out!)

Sunday September 30

Flight #4: 12:00 PM - 2 Headed Giant - 28 0 Team Slots Available (Please note: This event is sold out!)

Flight #5: 5:30 PM - 64 1 Slot Available (Please note: We are sold out of Boros, Izzet, Dimir and Golgari Packs for this event)


Guilds of Ravnica Dividers-02

With the exception of the midnight prerelease all of our Guilds of Ravnica prerelease events will be 4 rounds of swiss-style competition. Prizes will be given out on a Pack-Per-Win Basis.  What does that mean? It looks a little bit like this:

4 - 0 : 4 Packs

3 - 1 : 3 Packs

2 - 2 : 2 Packs

1 - 3 : 1 Pack

In the event of odd-numbered players, byes count as wins!

Midnight Prerelease Prize Information

Because we only run 3 rounds of swiss for our midnight event, the pack-per-win system leaves us with some extra prize packs to give out. The way we handle this is that for the last round of the event, wins count for 2 packs.

Guilds of Ravnica Buy-A-Box Special

Guilds of Ravnica Dividers-05

Want to get a jump start on getting your cards for Guilds? You can now preorder booster boxes and pick them up during the prerelease weekend! And if that's not enough we'll also have copies of Impervious Greatwurm, a promotional card so big and beefy that you can only find through retail store box purchases!

Impervious Greatwurm


Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease FAQ

Guilds of Ravnica Dividers-04

Q: I've never played in a Magic Tournament before.  Should I be nervous?

A: No! Prerelease events are about as casual and low-competitiveness level as they can be. We've got a judge on-staff to assist with any questions you may have, so relax and enjoy yourself!

Q: I really like one of the cards one of the players next to me pulled, can I trade them for it and use it in my prerelease deck?

A: You're only allowed to play with the cards you pulled out of your own boosters, so no.  You can still trade that person after the event, but during the event trading is not allowed.

Q: How do I preregister?

A: Click this link. It will take you to our event registration page. Just pick the event or events you want to play in and add them to your cart!

Q: Can I preregister for multiple events?

A: Sure!

Q: What's in each prerelease pack?

A: Each prerelease pack contains 5 packs of Guilds of Ravnica plus a seeded pack for the guild of your choice.

Q: Can I register for multiple people at the same time?

A: Sure! Just make sure to provide Wizards Account Numbers (formerly DCI Numbers) for everyone (leave them in the box for 'special instructions for seller' prior to proceeding to the payment stage of checkout).

Q: What's a Wizards Account Number and how do I get one?

A: Wizards Account Numbers are just the way we track each player's performance during an event. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for one here. If you show up and don't have one, don't worry!  We can also issue you a number at the event. (Note: if you don't have one and preregister, please let us know that you're a new player so that we can be prepared ahead of time)

Q: Ack!  I preregistered and something came up!  What happens if I don't make it to the event?

A: If you don't make it to the event or call ahead to let us know that you're running late we will go ahead and offer your spot to someone else who is in line for it. If no one claims it, then you will be able to pick it up when the set becomes legal (that's October 5th).

Q: Opposite question! I didn't preregister and the event's full!  What should I do?

A: This happens sometimes! If you have one event that you're dead set on, come in about an hour prior to the event's start time and check in with the staff. We might be able to put you on a waitlist, or we might have had a last-minute cancellation. Either way if there's space at all, we'll get you in there!

Q: What if I still want the prerelease pack? Or what if I just want the prerelease pack and don't want to play?

A: Sorry, but due to the limited number of prerelease packs and the fact that we are almost always packed to the gills with people wanting to play, we cannot hold prerelease packs for certain at this time. We need to hold the packs for people who want to participate in the events.

Q: What's a 2-Headed Giant tournament?

A: It's a 2-player team style tournament.  Each player will get their own prerelease pack and build their own deck (using all 12 packs as one shared pool), but compete as a single player sharing a single turn.  For more information, check out Wizard's own details on the format here.

Q: Where's good parking for the store?

A: There are two good parking garages that we recommend on weekends.  One is at the corner of Harvard and Pine, the other is just down the road from us next to the funeral homeDon't park at Dick's!  They will tow you!

Q: What else should I bring with me?

A: Water or a water bottle is a good idea.  Sleeves if you're worried about playing with good cards or foils. You can bring snacks too!  Bear in mind that it's no big deal if you forget these things, cause we sell all of the above and will have plenty in stock!

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