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Hill-o-ween and Halloween Comic Fest!

Attention all you ghouls, goblins, aspiring super-heroes and fanciful woodland creatures!  The nights are long, the air's extra chilly and it's time once again for Halloween Comicfest 2017!

What is Halloween Comic Fest?

Halloween comic fest is really pretty simple.

We like comics.

You like comics.

And from Noon until we close on Saturday October 29th, we're giving away a bunch of Halloween themed comics for free!

Think of it as bonus swag to go with the sugar-coma-inducing levels of candy that you'll consume that evening.  Or maybe just a really good spooky story to read to the kids as they wander past that old mansion that no one dares knock on the door of (which everyone knows always have the best candy!).  At any rate, we'll got a selection of books for any and all age ranges, laid out on tables ripe for the plucking!  We've also got free bags for those who didn't bring buckets or the old halloween staple - the pillowcase.

For more information on what comics we'll have this year, check out the site for Halloween Comic Fest here!

Other ways to spend Halloween on the Hill!

If you're looking for ways to maximize your swag or enjoyment of the season this Halloween, you should also check out Hill-o-Ween at the Mitchell activity center this year! Activities there will be going on from Noon to 3 PM, with trick-or-treating down Broadway from 3-6 PM as well as haunted laboratory at the 1st Security Bank on Broadway!  Parents this is the perfect thing to be doing before or after you stop in to pick up some of our free swag!  You can check out the website for their event here, or visit their Facebook page for more information about what other activities will be going on this Saturday!

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