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Ixalan Release Weekend & Modern PPTQ!

Ixalan is here! Bring your friends and join us for some of our release weekend activities! Or if you're of a more competitive leaning, why not prep your best Modern deck and come to our Modern Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan!

Ixalan Release Weekend Schedule

Ixalan's release weekend at Phoenix starts Friday with FNM and is followed up by a pair of sealed events Saturday morning! Each event's details are as follows:

Friday Night Magic Draft!

Time: 7:30 PM

Format: Triple Ixalan Booster Draft!

Entry Fee: $15

Prizes: Modified Pack Per Win (3-0 = 5 packs; 2-1 = 2 packs; 1-2 = 1 pack)

Saturday - Release Weekend Sealed Events!

Ixalan Release Sealed  - 24 22 Spots available

Time: 12:00 PM

Format: Ixalan Sealed (6 packs Ixalan)

Entry Fee: $30 per person +tax

Prizes: Pack per win (4 rounds)

2 Headed Giant Sealed 8 7 Spots available

Time: 12:00 PM

Format: 2-headed giant Ixalan Sealed (6 packs per person; pools are shared for deck construction purposes)

Entry Fee: $30 per person +tax (so $60 +tax per team)

Prizes: Pack per win (4 rounds)

Ixalan Launch League

For those of you wanting a more casual sealed experience, we're also starting our Launch league a week early on Saturday, September 30th.  Beginning September 30th, Phoenix will be hosting our sealed launch league in partnership with the Queer Geek Facebook group!  This league is designed for casual play and can be conducted in store or out. The match structure lends itself to shorter games that can easily be played between matches at other events, at home with a friend, or at one of our weekly league gatherings that will happen on Saturdays after the launch of the league. To enter, just stop by the store anytime on or after September 30th.  Here are the details for how this league works!

Entry Fee: $25 (plus tax)

Format: 30 Card Sealed (1 game matches; each player receives a free mulligan)

When you enter the league you'll be asked to provide your Wizards Account Number. We'll give you 6 Ixalan boosters.  You pick 3 of them to open right now, and 3 to open as you progress through the league. Once a week on Saturday, you can open one of the additional boosters and add that to your pool. Should you lose 3 times, you are also allowed to purchase one additional pack to supplement your pool (only 1 additional pack is allowed to be added, for a max possible pool of 7 packs). We'll also give you a score card to record your games as well as a league box to store your deck in.

You can play matches anywhere and record the results of those matches on your score sheet (you can play more than the maximum amount of matches, but that will not have an effect on your score for the league). We'll put your score up on our league spreadsheet and update it weekly on Saturdays.

Prizes: 3 Packs per League Player (League prize information is currently being updated and this section will be updated with details once we have those!)

Modern PPTQ Information (PT Rivals of Ixalan)

For those of you wanting a more competitive experience, we've got a Pro Tour Qualifier for PT Rivals of Ixalan coming up in early October!  Preregistration is already available online, so look below for the preregistration link!

Format: Modern Constructed

Date: Saturday October 7, 2017

Last Updated: October 7, 2017

Slots Available: 64 20 Spots remain (Online Registration will end at 10 AM; all remaining spots will still be available at the door)

Price: $25 if you sign up by thursday, October 5, $30 if you sign up afterwards or at the door.

Day of Registration Begins: 10:00 AM

Player Meeting: 11:00 AM (Please have deck lists ready to turn in by the time the player meeting starts).

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive REL (that means Deck Checks and sealed deck registration is a mandatory thing). We've got

Prizes: We'll be offering Store Credit as prizes to the top players dependent on the total number of players entered, starting at . If you have questions about the expected prize support for the event, please send us an email through our contact page and we can give you more specific numbers. But just to give you an idea of what we're talking about, here's the prize support for the full 64 players:

1st Place: $350 Store Credit

2nd Place: $300 Store Credit

3rd - 4th Place: $75 Store Credit

5th - 8th Place: $50 Store Credit

9th-16th Place: $25 Store Credit

To Register, click the link here to be taken to the PPTQ preregistration page!

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