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L5R Launch League!

A little over a year ago one of my favorite collectible card games, Legend of the Five Rings, announced that it was coming to an end. In it's place, a living card game would be reborn. That time has come, and now it's time for us to return to Rokugan. Utz!  Banzai!

L5R Launch League Details

Starting this November, Phoenix will play host to a Launch league using the organized play kits supplied to us by Fantasy Flight along with some older, slightly more unique prize support that most players may not have seen in a while!  Here's how the league will work:

League Nights: Mondays from 5:30 - 11:00 PM

Dates: League will run for 7 weeks (November 6 - December 18).

Entry Fee: $15 + Tax

November 6 Update: You can now view league standings and scores here.

November 13 Update: After reviewing the 1st week's score cards, we have chosen to modify the rules as follows: Players may pick up their score cards each Monday and must turn them in by the following Monday in order to get credit for games played. We noticed that players were having trouble completing more than a couple of games before they left for the night, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves as much as possible and still get league credit.

Overview: When a player signs up for league, they'll choose one of the seven clans to champion and be issued a badge, lanyard and sticker pack to serve as their league card. Each week players can play up to 4 league games with the clan of their choice against another player in the league, earning 2 points for each game won and 1 point per loss. In addition, players earn a free point each week for attendance.

League Benefit: Each week on Thursdays new dynasty packs will be available at the store and may be purchased and used for league play. League players recieve a 15% discount on purchases of any dynasty packs purchased during the course of the introductory league (which covers your entry fee if you end up purchasing all 6 of the first cycle of dynasty packs during the league).

Participation Prizes: All players will recieve a special alternate art imperial favor, pin, and lanyard for their clan badge as a prize for their participation in the league.

Top of Clan Prizes: Top of each clan (with the exception of league champion) will recieve a Clan Rivals Binder as well as a full-art version of their clan's champion!

League Champion: The winner by points will be awarded a set of all 7 full-art clan champion cards plus a clan rivals binder of their choice!

l5r Champions full art

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