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Masters 25 – Celebrating a Quarter Century of Magic

This year Magic the Gathering turns twenty five, and to celebrate they're collecting some of their greatest hits into a single set that will be available for a limited time. This set, Masters 25, promises to have something for everyone, from awesome rares we haven't seen reprinted in a while like Dark Ritual, Imperial Recruiter, and Jace the Mind Sculptor to a fun and enjoyable draft and sealed format that will leave you feeling like you've been playing with power!  Interested? Read on to find out how about our sealed PPTQ, drafts, and how you can preorder a box for yourself!

Masters 25 Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

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As luck would have it there's a Preliminary PTQ scheduled the day after this set releases. Coincidence? Not a chance. Here are the details for the PPTQ.

Date: March 17, 2018

Day of Registration Opens: 10:00 AM

Registration Closes / Player Meeting: 11:00 AM

Format: Sealed Masters 25

Player Cap: 32 (this is a hard cap due to the amount of product available)

Last Updated, 03/17/2018 - 1 spot remaining, preregistration has been closed and the spot is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Number of Rounds at Max cap: 5 Rounds + Top 8 Draft

Entry Fee: $70 by March 7; $75 by March 16; at the door registration $80 (all prices subject to sales tax)

Prizes: The prize pool will be built based on 2 packs / player of Masters 25 and distributed to the top 4-8 players depending on number of attendees.  First place will also unlock the ability to participate in the next regional pro tour qualifier for a chance to go to Pro Tour Minneapolis.

Preregistration: Yup!  This is totally available. Click the link below to be sent to our online shop.

Masters 25 PPTQMasters 25 Drafts

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Looking to draft Masters 25?  Here are the dates we have planned! Please note that as this is a limited release set spaces and number of spots available are hard limits. We allocated most of our product available to us from our distributor for drafting and the PPTQ, so please preregister to avoid missing out on these opportunities.

Fridays - March 16, 23, and 30

Starting with its release and for the rest of March our Friday FNM events will feature Masters 25 as an option for drafting. For the initial draft on March 16th, we'll have 40 spots available, but for the 23rd and 30th only 16 spots will be available. Preregistration is also available for these events at a reduced price via the link below:

Masters 25 FNM


 Tuesday Night Drafts - March 20 and 27

In addition to our Friday Night Magic drafts we will also offer Masters 25 as an option for the Tuesday night drafts for the rest of March. Just like the FNMs preregistration is available at a reduced price through our website. Each of our Tuesday night drafts will have space for 16 players a draft.

Masters 25 TNM

Masters 25 Booster Box Preorders

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Are up and available now! We have a very limited quantity available, so if you're interested preorder today! If we do sell out there will be a small number available for purchase on release day. Click the box below to preorder!

Masters 25 Booster Box

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