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Modern Horizons Prerelease Header
Modern Horizons Prerelease Info!

The dust has barely settled from the War of the Spark and yet already there's something shiny and new on the horizon. Join us June 8-9 as we draft and sealed our way through a first look at Magic's first standard skipping set!

What is Modern Horizons?

As the name implies, Modern Horizons is the first set in Magic's history to skip the standard format. As a result cards found inside these packs will be Modern legal after the set releases on Friday June 15th.

Previously, cards could only enter Modern if they were introduced in standard legal sets. Other supplementary sets such as Battlebond and Conspiracy introduced new cards that could easily have made it into that format, but because of the prevailing set policies of the time they were only legal in Legacy or Vintage.

What to expect in Modern Horizons?

Previews are coming out daily, but in general expect cards that are a step above the power level you might see in a set like Ravnica Allegiance. Reprints of popular legacy cards such as Flusterstorm are also possible. Here's a few recently spoiled cards, but for a full list of spoilers and where to find them, Wizards has you covered!

Modern Horizons Prerelease Information

Unlike War of the Spark or any of our previous recent prerelease events, we're offering both draft and sealed formats for our Modern Horizons prerelease flights. We're running 4 draft events and 1 sealed. Prices for each are as follows.

  • Draft - $30*
  • Sealed - $60*

* Tax included in all flights.

Interested in a prerelease flight? Hurry on down to the picture link below or click here to sign up for one of our prerelease flights. Space is a lot more limited than one of our regular prerelease events, so sign up early to reserve your spot!

Preregister today for one of our Modern Horizons Prerelease Flights!

Prerelease Flight Dates and Times

We'll keep the number of spots left for each event updated below. We do our best to make sure these numbers are updated on a regular basis, but if you have any questions please contact us.

Last Updated June 6, 2019 at 5:00 PM.  All events are currently sold out.

If you are still interested in playing in an event, please stop by during the day of the event. If there is space available or any last minute cancellations, we will be happy to fit you in.

Saturday, June 8

Flight 1 - 11 AM Draft - 0 24 Spots Remaining (This event is sold out!)

Flight 2 - 3 PM Sealed - 0 24 Spots Remaining (This event is sold out!)

Flight 3 - 8 PM Draft - 0 24 Spots Remaining (This event is sold out!)

Sunday, June 9

Flight 4 - 12 PM Draft - 0 24 Spots Remaining (This event is sold out!)

Flight 5 - 4 PM Draft - 0 24 Spots Remaining (This event is sold out!)

Prerelease Prize Structure

Prizes for our prerelease flights will be pack-per-win. That means for every swiss round you win, you get a pack of Modern Horizons when you finish the event. In addition, players who finish in the top half of each event will receive a foil date-stamped promo.

Drafting Beyond the Prerelease!

Can't make it to our prerelease? Well, how do your Tuesdays look?

We'll offer Modern Horizons drafts as an option on Friday June 15th to celebrate the set's release. After that we'll be spicing up our Tuesday night magic drafts with Modern Horizons, but our Friday Night Magic drafts will stay War of the Spark. After all variety is the spice of life and we think this will make for a fun month of drafting!

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