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Modern Masters 2015 Offerings & Schedules

Tarmogoyf. Vendillion Clique. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.  All of these are cards confirmed to be inside packs of the new limited release set coming out May 22. And with a good deal more speculation going on, Modern Masters 2015 has already been the subject of many questions to our staff here at Phoenix. So with that all said here's what we know about the new set, how we're going to draft it, and how we're going to sell this set.

What we know about Modern Masters 2015

Admittedly, most of what we know at this point is based on the previous Modern Masters release.  So here's a quick FAQ about what we know:

Q: How many boxes are you getting?

A: What we as a retailer have been told is that we are getting a static allocation based on our WPN (Wizard's Play Network) level (for the record, Phoenix is an Advanced Plus store).  Beyond that static allocation, our distributor has told us that we are eligible for an additional amount of boxes based on how much Magic product we purchase through them. With all that in mind, Phoenix has been allocated 64 Boxes (that's 16 cases) for purchase.

Q: Will you be able to restock if you run out?

A: There is a slight possibility that we might be able to restock, but at this juncture we do not believe we will be able to do so.

Q: So how long will this set be available?

A: We have spaced out our drafts to last into early to mid June. How long this set remains purchasable is based on how much we end up selling and how quickly we sell it.

Q: How much will you be selling it for?

A: Keep reading!  We'll cover that below.

Q: Where can I find what's been spoiled so far?

A: My personal preference is Mythic Spoilers, but there are many others out there!  Keep your eyes peeled to your favorite sites for more.

Modern Masters 2015 Drafts

At Phoenix, we do standard set drafts for $15 per person (tax included), with a prize pool of 2 packs per person. This let's us offer up prizes for a pod of 8 people that look like this:

1st - 6 Packs

2nd - 4 Packs

3rd-4th - 3 Packs Each

Now for MM2015, that methodology will be a little different.  For starters, the price for drafting this set will be $45 per person (tax included), and the prize pool will only be 1 pack of Modern Masters 2015 per person. So a typical pod of 8 will look like this:

1st - 4 Packs

2nd - 2 Packs

3rd-4th - 1 Pack Each

If someone so desires, they may exchange their prize packs for other packs at a rate of 1:3 if they so choose, but with what we've heard might be in this set, that doesn't sound very likely.

Drafting Schedule

Even with the hefty price tag, we know that many of you are going to want to draft this set a ton in preparation for GP Vegas or just for funsies.  How do we know this? Well many of you have told me so, that's how! So with that in mind, here's the schedule for when we'll have MM2015 Drafts, and what the cap for each of these events will be:

May 22nd - 3:00 PM - 32 Players (17 Spots Remain - Preregistration Disabled - See Store to Sign Up!)

May 22nd -  7:30 PM - 32 Players (also an FNM!) (4 Spots Remain - Preregistration Disabled - See Store to Sign Up!)

May 23rd - 11:00 AM - 32 Players (26 Spots Remain - Preregistration Disabled - See Store to Sign Up!)

May 23rd - 3:00 PM - 24 Players (16 Spots Remain)

May 24th - 1:00 PM - 24 Players (23 Spots Remain)

May 26th - 7:30 PM - 24 Players

Last Updated May 22!

That's 7 of our 16 cases right there allocated for drafting. And if we don't hit our cap on these, the unused product will be drafted away when we do our Tuesday drafts in June. But I very much doubt that we won't be hitting our caps here. Too rich for your blood, or maybe just at the wrong times? Well how about a cube?

Rentable Cube

With all the hype surrounding this set, we want to still make it available and enjoyable for people who don't necessarily have the ability to drop $50 to draft this set. After a little brainstorming, we hit upon the idea of a cube. So we're cracking a box of this set, sleeving it up and getting it ready for you to enjoy. We'll also include dice, land, tokens and even life pads as part of the rental rate. All packaged up in a nice little cube like this guy:

The Perfect Cube For Modern Masters 2015

When you rent the cube, you'll have 2 options for how to run your own personal booster draft.  For $12 per person, we'll provide the prize support in a pack per win format (3 rounds of swiss, every match you win gets you 1 standard booster pack at the end of the event).  For $15, we'll offer the more competitive 2 packs of prize support format that we use for most of our events.  In the beginning our cube will be able to support up to 8 people, but if this idea works well we will expand it to support up to 16!

The Rentable Cube will be Available Starting May 27th

Prices for Modern Masters 2015

We've been debating what to do about prices for this set since the price tag was announced. Ultimately we decided to treat this set the same way we would a From The Vault style release due to the limited availability of the product. We'll be offering this product at the following prices:

$13.99 per booster pack bought individually

$280 per box of 24 boosters (or $12.50 per pack) - Limit 1 per person

Preorders on product available now!  Click the link here or the picture below to preorder a box today!

Modern Masters Product Shot-00

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