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Modern Masters 2017 Header
Modern Masters 2017 – Events and Pre-Sales!

Ready to draft like a pro? On March 17 you can!  Modern Masters 2017 will feature reprints of 249 cards from Magic's recent history. Cards from Eight Edition all the way up to Innistrad and Return to Ravnica will be released, some with new art! Since this is a limited release set, we're going to give you all the information we've got about preorders and the draft schedule for the set as well as how you can register for the drafts.

Modern Masters 2017 - Preorder Information

After reviewing our initial allocation, we've decided to make a little less over 40% of our allocation available for purchase and reserve the rest for drafting. Of that allocation we're going to make half of it available for preorder and the rest available for sale day of.  We'll be watching preorders of the product as well as the spoilers and adjusting the price accordingly, so if you see what you feel is a good deal we urge you to preorder then!  Odds are the price will only go up.  To preorder product, click the shop button at the top of the page or click the box below.


Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box


Modern Masters 2017 - Draft Schedule and Preregistration

As you may have guessed with the first part of this post - we've got about 60% of our allocation set for drafting!  That means lots of drafts, at a better price than we've ever offered before!  Our price for Modern Masters 2017 will be $35 / person.  We'll keep that rate for the first 3 of 5 draft flights (though we do reserve the right to change that price for the last 2 based on the attendance of the first 3). We're also listening to the feedback we got for our Eternal Masters Drafts and offering preregistration.  Just to make sure that we have space available day-of we are only offering up half of each day's available product for preregistration.

The rest will be available day of ONLY and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you want to make sure you have a spot be sure to preregister today!

Flight 1 : Friday, March 17; 7:30 PM

Player Cap: 48 (24 Preregistration Slots available online)

Modern Masters Draft Flight-01

Flight 2 : Saturday, March 18; 12:00 PM

Player Cap: 32 (16 Preregistration Slots available online)

Modern Masters Draft Flight-02

Flight 3 : Tuesday, March 21; 7:30 PM

Player Cap : 32 (16 Preregistration Slots available online)

Modern Masters Draft Flight-03Flight 4 : Friday, March 24; 7:30 PM

Player Cap : 48 (24 Preregistration spots have been made available online)

Modern Masters Draft Flight-04


Flight 5 : Tuesday, March 28; 7:30 PM

Player Cap : 32 (16 Preregistration spots have been made available online)

Modern Masters Draft Flight-05

2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    What is the prize payout for the drafts? Numbers and set?

    • Nick Nazar says:

      Prize payouts will be based on a prize pool of 1 Pack of Modern Masters 2017 per Player. For a typical pod of 8, that looks like this:
      1st Place: 4 Packs MM17
      2nd Place: 2 Packs MM17
      3rd-4th: 1 Pack MM17 Each.

      We will allow a conversion of the Modern Masters packs into regular standard packs (probably a rate of 1:3).