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Mythic Championship Qualifier and 3K

This September, your friends at Phoenix are excited to announce that we're hosting our first Mythic Championship Qualifier event. Sharpen your mind and bring your top strategies with you. Emerge victories from the event and an invitation to the Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond is yours!

Date: September 14, 2019

Player Meeting: 9:45 AM

Round 1 Start Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Lynnwood Convention Center, Ballroom 2E 

Address: 3711 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Format: Modern Constructed 

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive (Decklists are required)

Max Number of Rounds: 8 (Plus Cut to Top 8)

Player Cap for this Event: 226

Final Player Count: 188 Players! A big thanks to everyone who came out! Y'all made this an amazing success!

More information on tournament structure and rules specifics can be found along with a list of other Mythic Championship Qualifier locations on Wizard's website.

Preregistration and Price

Preregistration will be available beginning Wednesday, July 10th at an early-bird pricing of $40 / ticket. Ticket prices will rise to $45 on August 1st, and tickets will be $50 at the door. If you're ready to preregister, follow the link below, or head to our web store's events section.

Prize Tiers

First and foremost, top prize for our Mythic Championship Qualifier is an invitation to compete at the Mythic Championship IV in Richmond, Virginia. But to make things even more awesome, we're putting together an amazing tiered prize package that ranges in value from $1000 - $3000 Cash!

The participation promo for this event is a premium Arcbound Ravager card.

Tier 1 - Unlocked at 100 Players - $1000

At one hundred participants our Mythic Championship Qualifier will be a 1K event. Prizes will be as follows:
1st Place - $400
2nd Place - $200
3rd and 4th - $100
5th - 8th - $50
9th - 16th - 6 Booster Packs

Tier 2 - Unlocked at 150 Players - $2000

If we hit the one fifty mark, our MCQ's prizes will rise up to over 2K with prizes as follows:
1st Place - $700
2nd Place - $350
3rd & 4th - $125
5th - 8th - $75
9th - 16th - $50
17th - 32nd - 6 Boosters

Tier 3 - Unlocked at 200 Players - $3000

As we approach our event cap, our Mythic Championship Qualifier's prizes will rise a third time. With over $3000 in the prize pool, payouts will look like this:
1st Place - $1000
2nd Place - $400
3rd & 4th - $150
5th - 8th - $125
9th - 16th - $100
17th - 32nd - 6 boosters

Side Event 1K!

Didn't do so well at the main event? Don't despair! We've got a second 1K going on beginning at 1 PM! A $30 entry pays your way into a chance at a prize pool of nearly $1000 (see prize tier 1 for that a payout for this event will look like). Player cap for our side event is 64!


Buying and selling cards? We will have you covered! We will be playing host to a vendor to meet your modern magic needs.

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