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New Comic Delays

Hey folks, if you're reading this you're probably maybe a little bit frustrated that yesterday we didn't have new comics for you.  Unfortunately that trend of new comics delays will continue today as well.  I just got off the phone with UPS and it looks like the comics are currently stuck on the wrong side of the passes in Oregon.  As soon as the weather passes and I-90 reopens, we'll be able to get our books! We have a plan (which is why I'm up at 6:30 AM writing a blog post about it) for what to do in order to get our books and get them on the wall as fast as possible once we have them.

If you want something on the list of books that's coming in (which you can find on the front page to this very site, btw), please call or email us and we'll put a copy aside when we do get the books and call you to let you know it's here.

In the meantime, all of our regular restocks for both games and comics have come in!  We've got Aether Revolt ready to go and will be able to have that on sale first thing Friday morning!  The only disruption at this point is to our regular comics for this week.  

We really appreciate your patience with us this week, and thank you for your continued patronage!

- Nick Nazar

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