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Project Rebirth – Phase One

It started with an innocent statement from my mom of all people. We were sitting in front of our landlord, talking about renewing our lease when she just out of the blue said, "Y'know, Phoenix has been doing so well, it's almost a shame we can't expand!"

Turns out our landlord actually had an idea about how to do just that. Now, nearly nine months later, we sit at the cusp of something really exciting.

What is Project Rebirth?

Project Rebirth (don't laugh - one of the perks of working at a comic book store is that we get to have awesome names for things) is our working name for a series of renovations and expansions that will take Phoenix Comics and Games into the next phase of it's life. With the help of our landlord we've secured a new lease on our current space and taken over the neighboring space to the south of us. From that point we'll approach the expansion in three phases.

Phase One is the physical renovations that will render the two spaces back into one larger space. The plan includes a doubling of our available game space as well as a doubling of our retail footprint. To give you an idea, here's a rough draft for what the the store will look like when we're finished.

Phase Two involves upgrading a lot of our older and worn out tables and chairs in favor of newer and more long-term friendly equivalents. We're planning on adding a digital screen to the back gaming area for assistance during larger tournaments. We'll also be adding in sound dampening panels to address some of the common large space noise complaints. Lastly we'll be adding a second bookcase to our demo games area, giving us some much needed room for yet more games!

Phase Three is finishing touches, and a lot dependent on how Phase Two goes. Decorations, bells, whistles, secret doors to a new private gaming room. Y'know, those kinda things. Phase Three is also where we start actively seeking to fill this brand new space with as many new comic, board, and role playing game events as we can shake a stick at!

What's the timeline look like?

Phase One is already underway. Renovation of the new space has been going for about a week as of this posting. Work on the current space could start as early as August 21st, so keep your eyes peeled for updates to this article. We're still ironing out the specifics, but over the next couple of weeks we may have revised hours and limited capacity for events. At some point once the majority of the merging is complete, we'll need to close for a couple of days to finish carpeting and putting everything in place.

Will you have modified hours?

As we mentioned above over the next couple of weeks we will have a combination of revised hours and limited capacity for events. We'll do our best to notify customers through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. When in doubt though, check here. This blog post will be referenced in any post we make and we'll update it regularly with any revised hours.

Current Store Status (Last Updated September 23 at 1:00 PM):  We are back to regular hours this week with the following exception. On Tuesday, September 24th we will be closed all day to allow for recarpeting. We'll be open somewhere between 11 and noon on Wednesday depending on how fast recarpeting takes.

What can I do to help?

During Phase One the biggest thing we can ask for is your patience as we go through some short term pain for long term growth. Funding for the first phase has already been secured, but that doesn't mean we couldn't use your continued patronage during our construction!

Phase Two and Three will be at least partially funded via a Kickstarter launching in mid-september. Our goal will be to deal with the essential things like better tables and chairs before we move on to noise mitigation. When said kickstarter gets underway, we'll make sure to link it here and post it around on social media.

Until then, please accept this heartfelt thanks from your friends at Phoenix to you, the comic and gaming communities of Seattle. With your help and support, we couldn't have made it this far. Thank you for everything, and here's to many more years

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