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Ravnica Allegiance Release Weekend & Sealed League

Our Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease was amazing and nearly sold out across the board! Thank you to everyone who attended! Now onto release weekend and beyond!

Ravnica Allegiance Release Weekend

One of our favorite pastimes here at Phoenix, especially when it comes to a new set, is drafting! So, in honor of Ravnica Allegiance's release, we're hosting 3 drafts across it's release weekend! Here's our schedule of events:

Friday, January 25th - FNM Draft - 7 PM - 40 player cap

Saturday, January 26th - Draft Weekend Draft - 12:00 PM - 24 player cap

Sunday, January 27th - Draft Weekend Draft - 1:00 PM - 16 player cap

Our FNM Draft will be the first chance for players to get their hands on the new super shiny FNM promos! (Standard players, don't worry! We'll also be hosting a standard FNM at 7 PM too!)

They look even shiiiiinier in person!

If you attend either of our Draft Weekend Events, we'll have another new promo for you in the form of an alt-art Simic Ascendancy!

For the Biomancer in your life who's already adapted themselves to everything else!

Drafting not your thing? How bout a Sealed League?

Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League

Beginning January 27th, we'll be hosting an RNA Sealed league with the help of our friends at Queer Geek Seattle! Participation is super easy!

Sealed League Details

- League costs $30 to enter; you receive a Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Pack with your entry along with your league card for recording match results.

- Use all 6 packs to build your best 40 card deck.

- You may play up to 12 single game matches against other league members.

- Players get one free mulligan for each match.

- Free participation boosters are given out after playing games 5 and 10

- If you have 5 losses, you may add one extra booster pack to your pool (this may be a participation pack or it may be purchased, your choice).

- Players that attend all 4 weeks of league or whose league card contains at least 8 different opponents receive a 3rd free participation pack when they turn in their card.

All players who sign up for league also receive the following promo!

We'll also be raffling off a Ravnica Allegiance Deck Builders Toolkit on the final week. This awesome kit is a great starting point for new members, with 125 cards and 4 Booster packs, as well as 100 basic lands and a deck builders guide. A perfect way for someone just getting started to learn more about deck building, or for a veteran to boost their collection!

For this league, we will still collect player cards at the end and if there is desire, we can post win loss records and ranking. There will be no prizes based on rankings. The emphasis is on fun, and learning new sets, not on domination. The hope is that the very experienced players will help the less experienced members, players won't be afraid of showing a card, asking about interactions, etc. Help your neighbor, help your opponent, everyone wins!

And there's more coming! Check back with us January 28th for details on Standard Showdown's return and Ravnica Allegiance Ravnica Weekend!

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