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Standard Showdown Amonkhet-01
The Return of Standard Showdown

For some it may already have begun, but here at Phoenix Comics and Games, Standard Showdown returns starting May 13th! Read on for details on times, dates, cost and more!

Standard Showdown Information

A few months back, Wizards tried out a new pilot program to get more interest in Standard. They gave away special boosters called Standard Showdown packs, that contained 3 cards (2 Rares/Mythics + a Premium card). The pilot program was a huge success, both for us and for Wizards, so it's back with Amonkhet!

When does Standard Showdown happen at Phoenix?

As with our previous Standard Showdowns, this round of tournaments will be on Saturdays beginning on May 13th and running weekly through July 1st.  Because the start times have to vary just a little bit depending on the date, here's the full list of Standard Showdown dates and times!

May 13th - 11:00 AM

May 20th - 12:00 PM (Game Day Event will follow up at 4:00 PM)

May 27th - 12:00 PM

June 3rd - 12:00 PM

June 10th - 12:00 PM

June 17th - 12:00 PM

June 24th - No Showdown this week. Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier instead!

July 1st - 12:00 PM

What does it cost to play?

We're charging $5 per person so that we can provide additional prize support above and beyond the Standard Showdown packs.

What can I win at a Standard Showdown event?

Aside from the Pack-Per-Win prizes that work just like our regular Standard events at FNM you can win special Standard Showdown boosters that contain:

1 Standard Legal Premium (foil) card

1 Full Art Amonkhet Basic Land

2 Standard Legal Rares or Mythic Rares

 (Please note: Amonkhet invocations will not appear in these boosters)

Showdown packs will be given out at a rate of 10 per event. For events larger than 10 people, we'll give these special boosters our to players that brought new players, players who went undefeated, players who display really great sportsmanship, and players who have been regularly attending both Standard Showdown and our standard Friday Night Magic events.

Submit your deck list to Wizards!

This time around, Wizards is really keen to know what deck you used to destroy your opponents. You can click on this link here or the picture below to be taken to a deck list submittal form. Who knows, maybe your deck will get featured in an article on their website!

Standard Showdown Decklist-01

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