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Rivals of Ixalan Standard Showdown Information

Magic players! Ready your best standard decks and prepare for battle. Standard Showdown is back!

Standard Showdown Information

Beginning February 3rd, Standard Showdown will make it's return to our weekly event listing at a new time!

Dates: Saturdays, February 3rd - March 31st

Start Time: 1:00 PM (Please note this is a change from previous standard showdowns)

Entry Fee: $5 per person (tax included)

Format: Uhm...I hope this isn't a surprise but it's STANDARD!

Rounds: 3 or 4 rounds depending on turnout (max 4 rounds)

Prizes: In addition to the 8 packs of standard showdown boosters that will be given out during the last round of the event, we will be offering one pack-per-win in prize support for this event. That means for every round that you win your match, we give you one standard legal booster at the end of the event (or whenever you choose to drop).

Standard Showdown FAQ:

Q: How do the showdown packs get distributed?

A: We give them out to top players (so people who go undefeated). Beyond that, our staff has the leeway to distribute them as they see fit. We very often give them out to players who exhibit good sportsmanship, bring creative and interesting decks to the field, as well as players who are consistently attending these events. Our goal is to make the distribution of these packs as even and spread out as we can so that any player has a chance at them regardless of their win-rate.

Q: Why the new time?

A: Our staff schedules changed at the beginning of the year and we moved Standard Showdown to 1:00 PM to accommodate the change.

Q: What are in these standard showdown boosters?

A: Standard Showdown boosters contain 4 cards - 2 rare/mythic rare cards, 1 foil, and 1 foil basic land with art by Rebecca Guay. All cards contained inside the showdown packs come from standard legal sets.

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