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Secret Loves of Geeks Global Signing Event (And More!)

On February 14, 2018, Dark Horse will release The Secret Loves of Geeks, the follow up to last year's hit anthology The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, edited by Hope Nicholson. The upcoming anthology features comic and prose stories from writers, cartoonists, and professional geeks of all gender identities and sexual orientations about their most intimate, heartbreaking, humorous, and inspiring tales of love, sex, and dating.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, we are celebrating the release of this book by hosting a simultaneous signing by The Secret Loves of Geeks contributors around the world. Writers and comic creators from Finland, Scotland, and across the USA and Canada will be appearing in local comic shops to sign copies of the books and chat with fans in this unprecedented mega-event.

Phoenix Secret Loves of Geeks Signing Details

Signing Time: 5-7 pm


We've got two artists joining us for this particular signing, plus a third artist joining us to celebrate the release of Twisted Romance #3!

Jen Vaughn

Artist Signs-Jen Vaughn

Founder of Haunted Vault Studios, Jen is a comics illustrator and writer who has done work on Adventure Time, Archie, and now IDW's Goosebumps in addition to Secret Loves of Geeks!

Levi Hastings

Artist Signs-Levi Hastings

Levi is an illustrator and graphic designer who has written several self-published short stories. Most recently, he's contributed his artistic skills to the Beyond Anthology of Queer Science Fiction!

Margaret Trauth

Artist Signs-Margaret Trauth

Margaret Trauth is an illustrator and writer who is probably best known for her work involving a robot girl pulled out of reality by her ex - Decrypting Rita.  She's joining us to celebrate the release of her back-up story in Twisted Romance #3 by Image Comics!


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