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Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease Details
Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease Events

Investigate the Mystery. Uncover the Clues.

Unravel the Madness.

Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease Basics

If you're new to doing prerelease events for Magic: the Gathering, here's a quick rundown of how we do things and what happens during a prerelease. We've got 4 Flights of  Regular Prerelease Events this time around, plus a Two Headed Giant Prerelease making a return appearance by popular demand (see our FAQ for more details)!

Prerelease tickets will be $25 plus tax (that's $27.40 for our regular prerelease events and $54.80 for our 2-Headed Giant). And this time, we've got more spots for every event! That's right, our new cap for any of the regular prerelease events is now a whopping 64 people!

Based on our turnout for the last several prerelease events we do expect to sell out or come really darn close to it, even with the sizable upgrade to our capacity. So if you're planning on going please preregister early! Seriously we can't say this enough! Preregister early so and secure your spot! To get to preregistration, click on the picture below:

Shadows Over Innistrad Preregistration Page

Dates and Times

We'll do our best to make sure these numbers are updated on a regular basis, but if you have any questions, please contact us.

Last Updated April 4, 2016. The slots left show the final numbers for each event.

Saturday April 2

Flight #1: Midnight -  64 15 Slots Available

Flight #2: 11:00 AM - 64 -3  Slots Available

Flight #3:  5:00 PM - 64 16 Slots Available 

Sunday April 3

Flight #4: 12:00 PM - 2 Headed Giant - 28 0 Team Slots Available

Flight #5: 5:30 PM - 64 0 Slots Available

Total attendance for this weekend: 284 total attendees!


With the exception of the midnight prerelease all of our Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease events will be 4 rounds of swiss-style competition. Prizes will be given out on a Pack-Per-Win Basis.  What does that mean? It looks a little bit like this:

4 - 0 : 4 Packs

3 - 1 : 3 Packs

2 - 2 : 2 Packs

1 - 3 : 1 Pack

This is a departure from our previous prize support model, and we're giving this a trial run. We believe that by making prizes a bit more flat, we are encouraging a more enjoyable experience for our casual players. Under the previous model, if you lost the first 2 rounds, or worse, the first 3, you were out of the running for prizes. Using this model, every match matters.

Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease FAQ

Q: I've never played in a Magic Tournament before.  Should I be nervous?

A: No! Prerelease events are about as casual and low-competitiveness level as they can be. We've got a judge on-staff to assist with any questions you may have, so relax and enjoy yourself!

Q: I really like one of the cards one of the players next to me pulled, can I trade them for it and use it in my prerelease deck?

A: You're only allowed to play with the cards you pulled out of your own boosters, so no.  You can still trade that person after the event, but during the event trading is not allowed.

Q: How do I preregister?

A: Click this link. It will take you to our event registration page.  Once you're there, click on the event that you want to preregister for and select the color, then hit the 'Add to Cart' button.

Q: Can I preregister for multiple events?

A: Sure!

Q: What's in each prerelease pack?

A: Each prerelease pack contains 6 packs of Shadows Over Innistrad plus a random prerelease promo. The prerelease promo can be any rare or mythic from SOI.

Q: Can I register for multiple people at the same time?

A: Sure! Just make sure to provide DCI Numbers for everyone (leave them in the box for 'special instructions for seller' prior to proceeding to the payment stage of checkout).

Q: What's a DCI Number and how do I get one?

A: DCI Numbers are just the way we track each player's performance during an event. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for one here. If you show up and don't have one, don't worry!  We can also issue you a number at the event. (Note: if you don't have one and preregister, please let us know that you're a new player so that we can be prepared ahead of time)

Q: Ack!  I preregistered and something came up!  What happens if I don't make it to the event?

A: If you don't make it to the event or call ahead to let us know that you're running late we will go ahead and offer your spot to someone else who is in line for it. If no one claims it, then you will be able to pick it up when the set becomes legal (that's April 8). Otherwise we will contact you and either hold 6 Shadows Over Innistrad boosters for you or refund you for the price of the pack.

Q: What if I still want the prerelease pack? Or what if I just want the prerelease pack and don't want to play?

A: Sorry, but due to the limited number of prerelease packs and the fact that we are almost always packed to the gills with people wanting to play, we cannot hold prerelease packs for certain at this time. We need to hold the packs for people who want to participate in the events.

Q: What's a 2-Headed Giant tournament?

A: It's a 2-player team style tournament.  Each player will get their own prerelease pack and build their own deck, but compete as a single player sharing a single turn.  For more information, check out Wizard's own details on the format here.

Q: Where's good parking for the store?

A: There are two good parking garages that we recommend on weekends.  One is at the corner of Harvard and Pine, the other is just down the road from us next to the funeral homeDon't park at Dick's!  They will tow you!

Q: What else should I bring with me?

A: Water or a water bottle is a good idea.  Sleeves if you're worried about playing with good cards or foils. You can bring snacks too!  Bear in mind that it's no big deal if you forget these things, cause we sell all of the above and will have plenty in stock!

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