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Ultimate Masters Information!

Magic is finishing up the year in style. Ultimate style if you get my drift. That's right! It's time for Ultimate Masters, Magic's last (for now) Masters set! Chock full of highly sought after rares, with special box-topper variants available, this set is sure to be something that gets talked about for a while. If any of this sounds interesting to you, read on for information on how we're drafting it and how you can preregister or preorder product!

Ultimate Masters Draft Information

Unlike previous Masters sets, Ultimate Masters presents us with the perfect prize: the Ultimate Box-Topper. We thought it'd be pretty great to make these the prize for each pod, but don't worry if you don't go undefeated - we still have something for you too.

Prize Breakdowns

3-0 - Box Topper + $10 Store Credit (or 3 Standard Legal Boosters)

2-1 - $10 (or 3 Standard Legal Boosters)

Value Over Value Guarantee: Because these are pricey drafts, we are offering a value-over-value guarantee. If you open a desirable rare and a foil version of another desirable rare, call our staff over. We'll make an evaluation on the spot, and if we decide you got heckin awesome value, we'll swap the pack out for a new one and you can buy that swapped pack for regular retail price.

Second Chance Guarentee: In addition to these prizes, we'll be saving a number of Box-Topper boosters from product we open for booster sales and singles. If you open one of the two kinda "eh" box topper rares, you'll get a second chance at something much cooler!

Drafting Days and Times

We'll be drafting Ultimate Masters for the entire month of December on Tuesdays (not counting Christmas & New Year's) and Fridays once the set goes live on December 7th. For release weekend, we'll also have 3 additional drafts: two on Saturday, December 8th, and one on Sunday, December 9th. You can preregister for all of these release weekend drafts by clicking on the link below!


UMA release Weekend Drafts-01

 Ultimate Masters Box Preorder Information

Want a box to draft on your own? Click the image below to place your preorder today!

Ultimate Masters Box

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